You can download a 1 GB file in 3 seconds flat with 5G – Qualcomm

5G Will Let You Download 1GB File In 3 Seconds – Qualcomm We are in the 5G zone and a new Internet experience waiting to be unleashed...


How To Use “Facebook’s Search Engine” To Find Anything | Tips And Tricks

Short: Do you know about all the things you can do using Facebook’s search engine? It’s way powerful that you think. Using a combination ...


Have you noticed a weird slot on the side of your laptop? Why is it there?

What Is This Weird Slot On Your Laptop? What Does It Do? If you have taken a close look at your laptop, you may notice several slots ...


Warning! Your iPhone Can Get Hacked Just by Opening a JPEG Image, PDF or Font File

What's worse than knowing that innocent looking JPEGs, PDFs and font files can hijack your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Yes, attackers ...


Linux 4.9 Is Going To Be The “Biggest Ever” Linux Release

The next Linux kernel release, i.e., Linux 4.9, could be the biggest ever Linux release in terms of the commits. Linus Torvalds shared t...


This USB Drive Can Destroy Any UnProtected Electronic Device

Welcome to the USB Kill 2.0. Thus begins the page for this USB Killer device. This tiny and compact sized USB drive looks like just an...


Apple releases 'Emergency' Patch after Advanced Spyware Targets Human Rights Activist

Apple has released iOS 9.3.5 update for iPhones and iPads to patch three zero-day vulnerabilities after a piece of spyware found target...


WhatsApp to Share Your Data with Facebook — You have 30 Days to Stop It

Nothing comes for Free, as "Free" is just a relative term used by companies to develop a strong user base and then use it for ...


Brain Malware — Here’s How Hackers Can Get Inside Your Head

For a moment, forget computer and smartphone malware. There’s even a bigger danger in town in the form of brain malware. By exploiting br...


Raspberry Pi + Docker: HypriotOS 1.0.0 Linux Brings Containers To Your Pi

HypriotOS 1.0.0 release recently arrived. It enables you to run Docker containers on entire Raspberry Pi family. HypriotOS is a Debian de...

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