Easiest Way To Hack Facebook Account 2015 - 2016

Trick to Hack Facebook account 2015 with ip address

Hack anyone's Facebook account or take control of his whole computer with this trick.Learn Hacking once again brought you guys a fully working trick to hack anyone who is on Facebook.Many people ask how to get ip address of Facebook users so we are writing this method for them to get ip address of any one they want.Trick is very simple all you need is to make a free domain and upload the file which we will provide you and start your journey towards hacking.For Pakistanis just use the same method as we did and if you live in another country then find some free domains of your country and rest all the procedure is same.

Now its time to find some free domains.There are many free domains you can use but in our case we are going to use base.pk because we want to hack some Pakistanis accounts and to make people believe that the link is not a phishing we use a domain of their country :).Follow the step by step picture tutorial and do not miss any step to get trick 100% working.

Step 1 : First of all download this php file : Click Here

Step 2 : Login to C panel of your free domain.

Step 3 : Click on Online File Manager.

Step 4 : Open htdocs folder and upload hackingtryx.php.

Step 5 :Open C panel again and open site builder.

Step 6 : Launch Site Builder and complete all three steps to create your website.

Once you created your website its time to check whether you performed the trick correctly or not.
You will see a address of your site like "http://yoursitename.base.pk/admin.php " Just change admin.php with hackingtryx.php and press enter. You will see your ip address.Now copy the whole link and use your social engineering tools to make people click on that link.

Step 7 : Now once again click on online file manager and go to htdocs and check there will be a file named hackingtryx.blogspot.com.txt.open it and you will see log of all ip addresses who visited your link.Copy those ip addresses and now its time to hack them.

Step 8 : If you are using Linux then its easy for you to scan open ports of ip address you got and in windows you can use N map to scan vulnerable ports and start network exploration and hacking.

Or you can use Ninja Blaster to hack your victim with his ip address.

Do it at your own risk and you can copy this post but place my link on your site.

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